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Abundance is launching the Biquitous Marketplace, which facilitates the burgeoning 3D printing (“3DP”) economy by connecting members in need of 3DP services with 3DP resources and designs. In addition, we are establishing 3DP brick-and-mortar stores in select locations throughout the United States that will support walk-in, on-demand and contract 3DP services.

The Biquitous Platform

Our proprietary technology platform will be designed to create an engaging user experience for our members, to enable us to efficiently connect our members, and ensure that their experience is best-in-class for online platforms in this category. We employ a team of internal product and engineering professionals, as well as external resources when necessary, dedicated to enhancing our technology platform and developing new services for members.

Key elements of our platform:

• Search. Our search technology combines structured and free-form content to enable our members to search for consumers, providers and designs utilizing a number of factors such as grade, number of reviews, service area and current discounts or other promotions, as well as requests for information and budgets.
• Fraud detection. We will employ various algorithms and filters as well as third-part tools, to detect fraudulent reviews.
• Membership tools and service provider contracts. We will use proprietary tools for managing memberships and renewals.
• eCommerce Store. We will provide an eCommerce storefront for members to market their products through.